Knights Deliver Skipjacks a Painful Loss At Home

Written by: Benjamin Brunner

A slight breeze blew across the field at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills, Maryland on Friday afternoon, but it wasn't enough to break the tension, as the Skipjacks prepared to face Region XX's best team: the CCBC Knights of Essex. The Skipjacks had difficulty moving the ball onto the opponent's side of the field, and it would remain that way for most of the game. Because of this, the first goal of the game was scored by the Knights, coming from Thaliek Willis (FR). Halfway through the period, the Skipjacks managed to out-maneuver the Knights, and score a goal courtesy of Chris Gleockler (D), with 8:52 remaining. The Knights quickly answered with a goal of their own, from Javier Avetrani. Unfortunately for the Skipjacks, this was only the first link of a very long chain of answers from the Knights.

The second half began with a Knights goal by Nehemiah Crawford (FR), followed by back-to-back goals by Steve Momenya (M) and Storm Robinson (M). After two substitutions, the Knights quickly scored again, with a goal produced by Javon Dawkins (FR). With 17:24 remaining, the Knights' Thaliek Willis (FR) scored his second goal of the game, giving CCBC Essex a 7-1 lead.  The Skipjacks would answer with one more goal, by Nick Huberty (M). Sadly, the deficit created in the second half was too much to overcome.The Knights sealed their victory with one last goal by Luis Vazquez (FR), delivering a 8-2 loss to the Skipjacks. The last game of the season will take place on October 18th, whenChesapeake will travel to Anne Arundel Community College to face the Riverhawks.