Student Athlete Code of Conduct

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 The goals of the Chesapeake College Athletic Program are grounded in the overall vision, mission, goals and values of the College. The Athletic Program expects all student athletes to exhibit positive social behaviors that demonstrate sportsmanship, respect toward teammates, opponents, the coaches, the officials, spectators, and the sport itself. All student athletes intending to participate in the Chesapeake College Intercollegiate program must read, understand and agree to abide by the following:


I have read the CHESAPEAKE COLLEGE STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT. I understand the expectations for students who attend Chesapeake College, the penalties for code violations, and my rights as a student. I accept those expectations and agree to conduct myself accordingly.


2. As a Chesapeake College student-athlete, I recognize my responsibility for proper conduct at any contest, tournament, event, practice session, or while traveling to or from events sponsored by Chesapeake College.


3. I understand that I am accountable for my behavior and conduct off campus while being a student at Chesapeake College and a representative of the Athletic Program.


4. I understand that any type of unsportsmanlike conduct, fighting or abusive language occurring during an event sponsored by Chesapeake College resulting in a player ejection or not, will be subject to disciplinary action to be determined by the Athletic Director and/or the Dean of Students.


5. I understand that any student-athlete who does not meet Chesapeake College academic standards and NJCAA eligibility requirements for participation in athletics may be placed on probation and/or athletic suspension.


6. The Chesapeake College Student Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy is as follows. As a Chesapeake College student-athlete, I understand that the illegal use of alcohol, or any form of illegal drugs or controlled substances on campus, or in the community may be grounds for a suspension or dismissal from the Chesapeake College Athletic Program, and may be subject to disciplinary action by the Athletic Director and/or the Dean of Students.

7. As a Chesapeake College student-athlete, I understand my responsibility to represent Chesapeake College and the Athletic Program in a manner that exhibits respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and integrity. 



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