Are you an athlete entering your first college semester?

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Then you will want to enroll in SAIL!

An athletic scholarship isn't your only ticket to tuition assistance!
Success and Interactive Learning (SAIL) connects you to all of the college's great services early in your first semester - AND provides a spring semester tuition stipend if you successfully complete SAIL and earn a qualifying Grade-Point Average. Complete the program and earn at least a 2.0 GPA in the fall ("C" average) as a full-time student and you receive a $200 spring semester tuition stipend. Earn at least a 3.0 GPA ("B" average) in the fall and you receive a $300 spring tuition stipend.

How Do I Enroll in SAIL?
Once you have applied to the College and have taken the Academic Skills Assessment, you will meet with an advisor in Student Success and Enrollment Services to discuss your program of study and to schedule your fall classes. If you sign up for at least 12 load hours, and one of those classes is the Freshman Seminar Course (FSC 101), you are eligible to enroll in SAIL for full-time students. Your advisor will have a SAIL application form. Simply fill out the form and return it c/o Jacki McArdle in Student Success and Enrollment Services to enroll in the program. Your application must be received by the end of the second week of classes to be eligible for the SAIL program.

For more information, or to meet with an advisor...
For more information about SAIL, contact Dana Bowser at 410-827-5840. Or, please feel free to visit the Chesapeake College Advising Center, D-106 on the first floor of the Dorchester Administration Building on our Wye Mills Campus, or call Student Success and Enrollment Services.